delite spices
Delite Spices was initially established in 1985 with our original name of Spice Delite. It was first run by Mrs. Tayob, selling our unique blend of home-made spices.
TTT Marketing, established in 1985 and founded by Mrs Tayob. Through humble beginning and many years of hard work the business grew until Abdool Tayob and his son Mohamed, embarked on an adventure to bring the niche in the market for a great range of spices to be available to a wider public with our home-made brand of spices in 1993. This led to distribution growing country-wide in just a few short years.
natures secrets
All our freshly made spices and widely sourced products are imported and then processed, milled and mixed to our traditional recipe and standards handed down over decades.


As the small factory in Tongaat grew in size and range, we were able to stock a huge variety of home-made spices and masalas and a large variety of grains, nuts, dried fruit, basmati rice and all types of baking and aligned products. This eventually led to the decision to sell off the wholesale arm of the business and concentrate only on the retail store in Tongaat, bringing us to a finer and more controlled quality in our home-made brand of spices. From this the name and business ‘Delite Spices’ was birthed in 2009 and has continued over the years until today.
pure glo


Glycerine soap, for All Skin types. Enriched with Glycerine, it also has the goodness of Honey & Almond Oil that moisturizes your skin from deep within giving you that Youthful radiance you’ve always wanted. It imparts a fresh & clean fragrance on the skin that lasts for hours.


Sandalwood & Turmeric for Oily skin. After washing with this soap, your skin feels Dry & Smooth & smells great.
The face stays dry & less oily for longer than normal soaps. After regular use the combination of Sandalwood & Turmeric helps to clear light marks & skin blemishes, wherever they appear & Skin also feels noticeably Tighter after washing due to the effects of the Herbal ingredients.
white soap

White Soap

Sandal & Almond Milk for Dry skin. Almond is the key moisturizing ingredient in this soap. After washing with this soap your skin feels Soft, Smooth & Silky. The lingering fragrance on the skin is fresh & creamy & the sensation is lasting on your skin. After regular use, dry skin becomes a distant memory.

Processed, Milled and Mixed

All spices are imported and then processed, milled and mixed to our traditional recipe and standards handed down over decades. Now, the third generation of family has joined the business during the lockdown period and has now sparked a need for an online presence in this modern day of e-commerce.